“Cierre la puerta antes de entrar” (Close the Door before Coming in)


The project “Cierre la puerta antes de entrar” (“Close the Door before Coming in”) is the second edition of Anteproyecto, a site-specific or in-situ project within CAMPOS’s space that is created in a collaboration between (an) artist(s) and (an) architect(s). This second edition is a collaboration between Nicolas Consuegra and WORKNOT!

“Close the Door before Coming in” deals with the issue of property and ownership, from its representations, to its very historical emergence. More updates about the exhibition is to be following soon.

CAMPO is an interdisciplinary cultural space for research, dialogue and exhibition, which looks at contemporary issues through art and architecture. CAMPO works through an expanded cultural field that uses what emerges from both artistic and architectural practices, and looks to challenge and transform it, in order to explore possible ways of collaboration between both disciplines. In this forms of collaboration, it tries to produce critical positions regarding contemporary urban culture.”



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