The Room of an Architect

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The living and working conditions of the precarious worker in rented room or studio in a shared building is a normalized scenario of life for this particular group. Today, however, there is a condition in which the nomadic knowledge worker and young practitioner experiences a blur of borders between places of work and life. Their tiny bedrooms are centres connecting them to the rest of the world, through both online and offline means. To work in architectural offices requires a long preparation time (of gathering skills, making portfolios, etc) mostly taking place at the private space of their homes. On the other hand, working as freelance architects to afford a separate working space of a studio is a c hallenge and in some cases impossible.

The Room of An Architecture is a representation and also a proposal for the changing condition of the life and work relations of nomadic precarious architecture student and young architect in order to bring up issues that are frequently going unnoticed today because of their normalcy, such as blurring border of life and work. By having myself in the position of the subject while I tackle the design issues as the designer, the sketch models, experiments, would present a firsthand take on the issue. The strategies are used to create affordable space of living/working f or young practitioner through inhabiting unused spaces of existing buildings.