Proposition d’habitation

Proposition d’habitation is a contribution installation as part of the project The Exhibition Tower, made and curated by Brenda Tempelaar. It is an installation of two videos screened simultaneously; one, a performance by Absalon (Meir Eshel) in his living unit in a gallery space, and the other one, compilation of footage of gallery visitors seeing the living units made by him all collected in one exhibition space, after his death.

The two videos reflect on the intertwinement of artistic production practices, spaces of exposition of artistic products, and the reproductive/domestic activities of the artist. The maquette made by Brenda Tempelaar serves as stand for the beamers projecting these two videos, is a gesture to criticise the roles that the ones in position of power (institutions, architects, commissioners, etc) play in this context.

“…Two videos […], [are] screened simultaneously. The first is Proposition d’habitation (1992), a performance by Absalon (Meir Eshel) in his living unit in a gallery space. The space is reduced to the most essential functions of a house and brings the artist to isolation and introspection. The video depicts a table and chair, a cupboard that is also a bed and a tub and day-to-day activities performed by the artist. All the architectural elements are based on a geometrical shape such as a cylinder or a square. The space dictates his actions and restricts the movements of his body. The domesticity proposed by Absalon is not sedentary but alternative and mobile. The second video is a compilation of footage that features gallery visitors looking at a collection of Absalon’s living units, exhibited after his death. The Exhibition Tower serves as a stand for the beamers projecting the two videos. The installation reflects on the entanglement of artistic production, exhibition spaces and the domestic activities of the artist.”

The exhibition took place at Jan van Eyck Academie, 2015–2016.