WORM Rotterdam

We believe the strongest element to subvert limiting or violent (urban) protocols is the presence of bodies.

To inhabit.
To be present.
To show up.
To take up space.
To take up physical space.
To be there and be seen.
To be comfortable, and be seen.

One way to mark a territory as your own is to be present in that territory so often. To

inhabit that space. Think of places we hang out in the city with our friends, late nights

every so often, in a quiet corner on the stones by the river, or the old basketball court

where no one plays. That becomes our territory in some way. Even temporarily.

The most significant element to subvert the limiting procedures in the urban spaces of

Rotterdam, for us, is to inhabit those spaces with our bodies. In this proposal, as well,

we do not think of the objects as the main elements of posing a statement in this line of thought, but the very bodies of our peoples.

So here, the objects, furniture, and spatial arrangement come to condition bodies

primarily to provide comfort. This itself is a display.

Through the display of comfortable bodies, we propose to tackle the current trends of

security which resulting in limitation, conditioned by fear.

To tackle the situation we take on 4 main components:

Comfort, Community, Visibility, and Spatial Hacking.