Landscapes of Comfort and Exhaustion

Too often we discuss and glamorise production but overlook the exhaustion following it; the time of fatigue, procrastination, anxiety. Notions such as ‘leisure’ do not exhaust all possibilities of comfort. They fall within a capitalist logic seeing bodies merely as production force that has to rest, only to go back to work again. Alternatively, we understand comfort and exhaustion as states, performances, and conditions. In this way, spatial arrangements, bodily performances, rituals, (performative) objects, and technologies, become means of this project. This will be done through three time-based and place-based phases: Performance and Rituals of Comfort(ing) understanding comfort through collective rituals, Ephemeral Spaces of Comfort(ing) on carpets as radical nomadic spaces of comfort, and Domesticities of Comfort, turning a precarious worker’s private room into a terrain of radical comfort. All projects end in spatial installations/interventions and socio-urban events.

Arvand Pourabbasi from WORKNOT! is among the recipients of grant for Talent Development, Creative Industries Funds NL, Stimuleringsfonds, 2020 to develop this project.