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De Minimumwoning

04/07/2021 – 07/07/2024
Semi-permanent exhibition of archive at Het Nieuwe Instituut.

Introducing the show Fictioning Comfort at Radio MAMA, episode 3 
(Find our part in English half an hour into the show)

"MAMA Radio is hosted by Shearey Pinas. Every show she invites different guests to the studio to talk about the current state of MAMA’s world. Artists discuss the themes of their upcoming exhibition and the emerging talents of Team MAMA share their fascinations; tune in and experience an alternative side to Rotterdam."

Saturday 12 September (online):
 We kindly invite you all to join us from your homes, for a series of  conversations and discussions happening online. This series of  conversations between invited guests and artists participating in the  show, are to expand on the underlying universes of thinking behind and  around each work. To view the works please see
 Sign up for this event through ZOOM.
 14.00 – 14.30 – Convo 0: On Work by WORKNOT!
 14.30 – 15.30 – Convo 1: Tomi Hilsee with WORKNOT!
 15.45 – 16.45 – Convo 2: Sami Hammana with Alireza Abbasy
 17.00 – 18.00 – Convo 3: Monireh Askari with WORKNOT!
 18.15 – 19.45 – Convo 4: Moad Musbahi & Imani Jacqueline Brown with Samaneh Moafi

 Sunday, 13th September (at MAMA’s showroom):
 We would like to celebrate the closing moment for the physical show by  gathering outside of MAMA’s showroom in the open air, being carefully  aware of one another. We will enjoy the last bits of warm weather with  drinks and a book bingo!
 17.00 – 22.00 – Drinks & gathering
 18.00 – Book bingo by Clara Balaguer (of collective To Be Determined)
Fictioning Comfort launched online: July 2020
Curated a show at Showroom MAMA (Rotterdam) called Fictioning Comfort: July – September 2020 
Show at Showroom MAMA
Showroom Mama - Fictioning Comfort
WORKNOT! at exibiting collaborative project "Parable of Mehr" at Sharjah Architecture Triennial 2019. We are glad to be part of this excellent collaboration with  
Samaneh Moafi, Mhamad Safa, Maria Bessarabova and Platform 28.
Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 12.15.07
WORKNOT! is invited to participated in the event Life Hacks: Space on October 31 2018, Rotterdam at Varia Centre for Everyday Technology.

Image: François Girard-Meunier

What shapes the daily routine of a telemarketing sales agent? How to go beyond the co-working model when it comes to organize a place for collaboration? What's the territorial and political role of furniture within the semi-domestic area of the artist's studio? Are life hacks a form of liberation or yet another burden? Together with author and designer François Girard-Meunier, the WORKNOT! collective (Arvand Pourabbasi and Golnar Abbasi), Varia, the Centre for Everyday Technology (represented by Roel Roscam Abbing, Manetta Berends and Niek Hilkmann) and XPUB (the Experimental Publishing program of the Piet Zwart Institute), we will tackle these and more questions during an evening dedicated to spaces that are at once entrepreneurial and precarious.
WORKNOT!'s project named WORKNOT! is selected for Extended Collaboration in the Fellowship Program 2018 at Het Nieuwe Instituut. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 14.41.14.png

 Burnout is an umbrella term for symptoms that describe worker’s mental unwellness. Thus, a political term for controlling the laborer. And “breaking open” starts with reclamation of life, not excluding work from it. The home is the tragic scene for the outburnt subject performing depression, disappointment, withdrawal; also possibly framing the process of reclaiming new subjectivities. To collectively re-think everyday performances of being fatigued, being othered, shaping kinship, in the minor spaces of our homes, resisting, and reclaiming, this project brings the (spatial) conditions of the house into a series of mobile installations, that literally serve as spaces of discussion
The Green Cabinet / De Groene Kabinet
new project under construction

Location:(Rotterdam Noord) Schout Heynricstraat /Banierstraat 62 / De Schout

--Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 17.57.40 copy.jpeg
The container in banierstraat is currently our work 
studio. It will transform to the smallest art space in 
Rotterdam for monthly events, and future 
artist/architect in residence programs, and more.


5–19 January 2018 at Platform28, Tehran:

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Fictioning Comfort closing events